Get Help:  (225) 810-3967
Get Help:  (225) 810-3967
RNLF Counseling Services Caring and Compassionate Counseling. Begin your Healing Today. Call: (225) 924-9164
RNLF Counseling Services    Caring and Compassionate Counseling.Begin your Healing Today.    Call: (225) 924-9164 

Emergency Situations

To receive IMMEDIATE HELP, should an emergency situation arise, you may seek help through hospital emergency room facilities or by calling 911. For other questions, referrals, or assistance meeting basic needs you may contact me at my office 225-302-7769 during business hours (Mon thru Fri. 9:00 am-2:00 pm). If you have an emergency after normal business hours, please contact the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE at (225) 924-3900 or (800) 437-0303 to speak immediately with a crisis interventionist.

Code of Conduct

As a mental health counseling service provider, we are required by law to adhere to the Code of Conduct for practice that has been adopted by LPC licensing board. A copy of this Code of Conduct is available to you upon request.

To Schedule An Appointment

RNLF Counseling Services appointment requests can be made Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Counseling sessions can be arranged for daytime or evening hours, Monday - Friday by calling 225-810-3967 or via Email at;

Privileged Communication

Material revealed in counseling will remain strictly confidential except for material shared with fellow mental health professionals in order to pride optimum service and under the following circumstances in accordance with state law: 1) The client signs a written release of information indicating informed consent of such release, 2) The client expresses intent to harm him/herself or someone else, 3) There is a reasonable suspicion of abuse/neglect against a minor child, elderly person (60 or older), or a dependent adult, or 4) A court order is received directing the disclosure of information.

It the policy of RNLF Counseling Services to assert privileged communication on behalf of the client and the right to consult with the client if at all possible, except during an emergency, before mandated disclosure. I will endeavor to apprise clients of all mandated disclosures as conceivable.

In the event of marriage or family counseling, material obtained from an adult client individually may be shared with the client's spouse or other family members only with the client's written permission. Any material obtained from a minor client may be shared with the client's parent or guardian.

Additional Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities:


You, the client, are a full partner in counseling. Your honesty and effort is essential to success. If as we work together you have suggestions or concerns about your counseling, it is further expected of you to share these with your counselor so that we can make the necessary adjustments. If it develops that you would be better served by another mental health provider, the counselor will help you with the referral process. If you are currently receiving services from another mental health professional, we expect you to inform the counselor of this and grant permission to share information with this professional so that we may coordinate our services to you.


Physical Health:


Physical health can be an important factor in the emotional well-being of an individual. If you have not had a physical examination in the last year, it is recommended that you do so and to list any medications that you are now taking.


Potential Counseling Risk:


The client should be aware that counseling poses potential risks. In the course of working together additional problems may surface of which the client was not initially aware. If this occurs, the client should feel free to share these new concerns.

Fee Scales

RNLF Counseling Services offers quality counseling at a very low cost. It is not necessary to have insurance to use our services.  RNLF Counseling Services is a certified Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership Provider and accepts most insurers to offer the best possible services.


  • To all underinsured or uninsured individuals in need of services who do not have health insurance, we provide free short-term counseling to underinsured or uninsured people in need of services. Up to 2 free sessions are offered - often enough to get a person back on their feet and feeling much better.
  • There afterwards charges are $85.00 per session and for clients with less income a sliding scale.  All fees are paid directly to the agency. 
  • Please present your health insurance card to the sign-in desk or cashier desk staff so that we may save it to your record. At that point, all charged services, such as assessments and counseling services, will be automatically filed to that plan on your behalf.


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