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Get Help:  (225) 810-3967
RNLF Counseling Services Caring and Compassionate Counseling. Begin your Healing Today. Call: (225) 924-9164
RNLF Counseling Services    Caring and Compassionate Counseling.Begin your Healing Today.    Call: (225) 924-9164 

A growing body of research suggests that more than one-third of US adults view clergy as frontline mental health workers and would continue to seek their assistance during times of mental and emotional problem (Farrell & Goebert, 2008). Given that many with less income in times of crisis generally don’t seek help from other professional mental health service providers, rather consult with their pastors, it is our intent here at RNLF Counseling Services to continue playing a key role in meeting the needs of individuals, families, and communities, including caregivers and consumers. We will cling tenaciously to the supremacy, sufficiency, and profundity (depth of wisdom) of the Scriptures. It is strongly believed that God has provided us with all that we need for godly living (2 Peter 1:3). The Scriptures, rightly interpreted and carefully applied, offer us all-encompassing insight for life.


Our Programs and Initiatives

Upon visiting with us, you will find us to have greater interpersonal skills such as warmth, caring, stability, and professionalism as well as listening skills, to be more person friendly and a great emotional support. Our programs and initiatives fulfill our mission of promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research and services.


Learn how we are advocating for changes in policy and educating the public about mental health and wellness

Furthermore, the Bible provides us with the interpretive categories for making sense of life experiences from God’s perspective. By building our counseling models on Christ’s gospel of grace, we obtain wisdom for bringing people healing hope, the stimulus for change (God’s glory), and the understanding of human motivation that energizes these God-honoring changes.


What happens when I call for an appointment?

  • An appointment will be made for an initial assessment.
  • This first appointment is an opportunity for you to discuss your immediate concerns and for the clinician to understand you as an individual. You will leave with their contact information to use, if you have a need, prior to your next appointment.

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